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Mahalakshmi dairy Farm is a supplier of high-quality dairy animals in all India. We primarily focus on breeding, buying and selling of good quality Murrah Buffaloes, Neeli Ravi, Sahiwal cow, HF cow, Tharparkar, kankrej etc. All cattle’s that we sell are already adjusted to the all Indian climate. We believe and practice ethical treatment of our animals and take personal care of each and every cattle.

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If  You have any Questions or Query a member of staff will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us by telephone or Contact us form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Dairy Farm Consultant

The Mahalakshmi Dairy farm consulting is committed to the success & profitability of dairy farms.


At Mahalakshmi, husbandry is the science of caring and breeding of animals like cows, buffaloes, bulls ....


The Cattle and buffalo population is largest in India, and hence at Mahalakshmi Dairy Farm large..


The term feeding is given to the food which is provided to the animals also referred to as fodder

Sale & Purchase Of Cow and Buffalo

we are supplier and exporter of livestock animals such as, Murrah Buffalo, Mulberry Breeding Bulls, Jersey Cows,....
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We supply high yielding animals at a very nominal price for customers in all India.
We provide free professional advice to aspiring and budding dairy farmers on every aspect of a dairy business, dairy farm management and on pet animals.

Our aim is to help every aspiring dairy farmer to completely understand the dairy business before getting started and also provide help to struggling dairy farmers to be successful.

We also conduct a 2 days dairy farm training at the nominal cost.

We also provide dairy consultancy service like preparing a feasibility report and dairy farming project report for bank loans at a very competitive price. We can also link you to labor contractors who can arrange dairy farm workers from Bihar. We also supply the best quality fodder seeds

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